Augusta Precious Metals Review

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Secure Your Savings and Your Future: Augusta Precious Metals Review

Although it may be years away, retirement comes quickly. Life is short, and time flies by in a flash. Before you know it, you will be ready to retire.

Are you prepared?

A retirement savings plan that allows you to enjoy life after the job market is essential. Bonds, Stocks, Mutual Funds, and 401(k) savings are excellent, but there is another option you should consider if you want security in a precarious market.

An investment in precious metals may be what you need to create a diverse portfolio that allows you to retire comfortably, regardless of the financial climate.

Augusta Precious Metals can help you grab your slice of the precious metals pie.

In this article, we review Augusta Precious Metal and look at all the pros and cons this company can offer investors.

We aim to remain unbiased in our review. We will readily point out the positive and negative aspects to ensure you are fully informed to make any financial decision in the future.

What Is Augusta Precious Metals?

Augusta Precious Metal is one of the most popular investment services on the market. The company specializes in precious metals investments. Augusta can help investors secure physical silver, gold, or other metals to increase their retirement savings despite a volatile financial climate.

As one of the largest dealers of gold and silver and one of the most reputable IRA companies in the United States, Augusta Gold & Silver Company has been in business since 2012 and has built strong relationships around the globe. 

Augusta has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has been granted 5 stars from the Business Consumer Alliance (BAC).

Many trusted sources have praised, recommended, and endorsed Augusta Precious Metal. The company can help investors build a self-directed precious metal IRA that gives them complete control while providing access to valuable expert knowledge and guidance.

Let’s look closely at Augusta Gold Investments to find the truth behind this popular company.

Augusta Precious Metals Company Overview.

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Augusta Precious Metal has been helping investors successfully secure gold and silver for retirement and personal collection since 2012.

Augusta CEO Isaac Nuriani, Director of Education Devlyn Steele, and Chief Financial Officer Howard Smith have extensive financial and investment experience spanning over two decades.

According to his bio on the Augusta Precious Metal website, after helping American seniors with their financial needs, Nuriani decided to empower the public to be in a better financial position as they approached retirement.

Isaac Nuriani launched Augusta Gold & Silver Company to help investors diversify their savings through education and precious metals investments.

Devlyn Steele joined the Augusta team with three decades of experience in financial and economic services. Devlyn has overseen the financial management of some impressive accounts, including those worth more than $2 billion. Leading the education team at Augusta Precious Metal, Devlyn helps ensure that investors have access to education about their investments to make intelligent financial choices.

The Chief Financial Officer of Augusta, Howard Smith, acquired more than 20 years of experience in capital markets and banking. Joining the team in 2018, Howard’s knowledge of the system and expert advice empower the Augusta Gold Investment Company team and allow investors to benefit from the best options possible. Howard focuses on risk management and helps clients make confident financial decisions for the future.

As stated above, Augusta Precious Metal has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, a flawless record with the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA), and extensive positive customer reviews.

The transparent pricing, helpful customer service, and commitment to education offered by Augusta are like no other company.  

Products and Services Offered By Augusta Precious Metals.

Augusta Gold Investments Company offers a range of products to interested investors, including:

Gold & Silver IRA

A popular choice for creating a secure retirement plan, gold and silver IRAs work the same way as any IRA. Instead of investing in typical assets like stocks, a precious metals IRA allows investors to place their funds in physical silver, gold, or other approved metals. This type of IRA also allows investors to hold stock in companies that mine and produce precious metals.

+ Request your FREE Gold IRA Guide
+ Request your FREE Silver IRA Kit


Gold and Silver Coins

Augusta Gold & Silver Company has a wide range of gold and silver coins. Whether you are looking to purchase coins for your precious metals IRA or want to add to a personal collection, Augusta has some of the best options available and claims to have competitive market prices.

Gold And Silver Bullion

Augusta Precious Metal sells common and premium gold and silver bullion. The company claims to have the best prices on gold and silver, and customer reviews often show support.

Along with selling bullion for IRA accounts, Augusta also does direct sales to the customer, allowing you to purchase gold, silver, or other precious metals for a private collection.

Augusta Gold Bullion Investments takes the work out of investing by pre-selecting the most common coins and presenting them to investors. While selection will vary, the following are some of the many coins  listed on their website:

Common Gold Bullion:

  • Gold American Eagle
  • Gold American Buffalo
  • Gold Canadian Maple Leaf
  • South African Gold
  • Gold bars

Common Silver Bullion:

  • American Silver Eagle
  • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf
  • Austrian Philharmonic Silver
  • America the Beautiful coins
  • Canadian Silver Blessings
  • Silver bars

Premium Gold:

  • Royal Canadian Mint Gold Eagle
  • Canadian Gold Gyrfalcon
  • Canadian Gold White Falcon
  • American Gold Eagle Proof
  • American Gold Buffalo Proof
  • Certified American Eagle
  • Certified American Buffalo

 Premium Silver:

  • Ben Franklin half a Dollar
  • Royal Canadian Silver Eagle with Nest
  • Canadian Silver Gyrfalcon
  • Canadian Silver White Falcon
  • 1964 JFK a half dollar
  • John Kennedy Half Dollar
  • Morgan Silver
  • Walking Half Dollar Liberty
  • Peace Dollar
  • Silver Mercury dime

IRA Eligible Coins:

  • 2017 Royal Canadian Mint 1/4-oz Gold Eagle
  • 2016 1/4-oz British £25 Gold Standard
  • Gold American Eagle
  • American Eagles and American Eagle Proofs
  • American Buffalo
  • Canadian Maple Leaf
  • 2018 Royal Canadian Mint 1.25oz Silver Eagle with Nest
  • 2016 Royal Canadian Mint 1/2 oz Silver Eagle
  • Gold IRA Eligible American Eagle
  • American Eagle and American Eagle Proofs
  • Gold IRA Eligible Canadian Maple Leaf
  • Canadian Maple Leaf

Augusta’s Buy-Back Program.

While there is not much information regarding their buyback policy on the website, with some research, I found that Augusta Gold Company offers an impressive buyback program and is said to have competitive rates.

Thus, should you find yourself in a position where you must sell your financial assets, Augusta Precious Metal can potentially offer the best buyback price.

It is important to note that no company can “guarantee” a buyback. Let’s imagine a company sells 500 million in gold and silver each year, and the market sees a sudden increase. If all these customers decide to sell, will the company realistically have the cash or capital to buy out every customer? Probably not. Therefore, if a company guarantees buybacks, be weary.

Augusta Pricing, Fees, And Minimums

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Based on the current gold and silver spot pricing and market rates, Augusta Gold & Silver Company adjusts to a constantly changing market.

As a company, it aims to be transparent in its fees, openly sharing its markup, costs, and market pricing with customers.

There are no hidden fees or commissions with Augusta Precious Metal, and they are upfront about their minimum $50,000 investment.

Many customers claim that Augusta is competitive in its pricing on both gold and silver. The company has stated that their pricing is approximately 5% over company cost, including free transit and shipping of cash sales.    

An additional cost,  overseen and placed by the IRS, is a one-time account setup fee of $50. This fee is often waived for those investing more, which is commonly seen across the industry.

Like many companies, Augusta has two annual fees associated with their Precious metals IRA accounts. There is an $80  custodian maintenance fee and a $100 storage fee.

In line with IRS standards and regulations, all metals stored within an IRA must be held at an IRS-approved facility and overseen by an IRS-approved custodian.

When purchasing metals through Augusta Precious Metal, storage is always secure, insured, and IRS-approved. Coins sold by Augusta are certified through approved independent grading companies to ensure safety, security, and quality.

How To Invest With Augusta Precious Metals?

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One thing Augusta does well is making the investment process extremely straightforward,

The specialized departments at Augusta make it easy for customers to understand their retirement options and the constantly changing market.

The American financial climate is under consistent economic pressure, which can impact the vitality of your investments. The various departments within Augusta help to ensure that investors are always informed and positioned to make beneficial financial decisions.

The agents at Augusta Precious Metal do not receive a commission. Thus, you can remain confident, knowing they are not trying to make a sale for their benefit. Instead, Augusta Gold & Silver Company seeks out employees who are passionate about helping the public build a diverse, secure retirement plan.

Augusta agents will walk you through each step of the setup process to ensure you maximize your savings and future potential. Even after an account is set up, investors are welcome to call on their agent anytime for answers to questions or concerns.  

The Simple 3-Step Setup Process:

Step 1:

Open an IRA with Augusta Precious Metals.

Augusta Precious Metal makes creating an IRA account easy and works with leading industry custodians, providing excellent pricing incentives to customers.

Step 2:

Fund Your New IRA Account.

You can easily fund your new IRA account by rolling over any existing retirement accounts, and agents will always be standing by to assist you or answer questions. 

Step 3:

Buy Gold and Silver

Once your account is open and successfully funded, you can purchase gold and silver through Augusta Precious Metal. The competitive and transparent pricing at the Augusta Gold & Silver Company makes buying precious metals easy and hassle-free. As always, agents will be on hand to help at any time. 

The Pros and Cons Of Augusta Precious Metals.

There are plenty of pros to Augusta Precious Metal. However, there are a few minor cons as well. Here we highlight what the company does well and where it can improve.


    • A+ rating through the BBB and 5 Stars with the BAC
    • Zero Complaints since opening in 2012
    • Endorsed by Joe Montana, a hall-of-fame quarterback
    • Competitive prices are often the best on the market
    • Committed to education
    • Comparable annual fees
    • Regular Promotions, including 10 years of fees waived
    • Lifetime customer support
    • The sales team and agents are NOT commission-based
    • Total transparency
    • One-on-one virtual meeting with the financial head
    • Knowledge and expertise


    • Minimum $50,000 investment
    • One-on-one meeting only applies to large investors when making a cash purchase and is not guaranteed
    • Transparency only applies after you become a customer or when talking to an agent, and the website provides little information on pricing, etc.
    • Only sells gold and silver, offering no other precious metals at this time

Why Get a Gold IRA?

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You may wonder why a gold, silver, or precious metals IRA is a good idea. What is it about this retirement product that makes it so great?

Investing in a precious metals IRA has many of the same benefits as any other IRA, but a precious metals IRA is more resilient to market fluctuations.

Gold prices have been stable or rising for decades. It is not often that the precious metals market sees a significant dip or even a crash. Thus, you are provided security for your future by investing in physical products like precious metals.

Besides the added security that a precious metals IRA can provide, it also holds the same tax benefits as any IRA investment. Therefore, you can benefit from the same tax breaks while keeping more of your hard-earned cash.

Since a precious metals IRA is considered a self-directed IRA, you have more control over where your money is held and how much you can make off your investment.

While a precious metals IRA requires more effort and research on your part, the investment can pay off big time.

Why Choose Augusta Precious Metals For a Gold IRA?

While there are many companies out there that oversee a precious metals IRA, none are quite the same as Augusta Precious Metal.

When you create an account with Augusta Precious Metal, you are paired with a personal specialist who will assist you for the lifetime of your account. Your specialist is there to help you make decisions, purchases, and changes whenever you want. They can also help you navigate the market and understand how you are positioned within it.

Along with a personal specialist, Augusta Gold Company provides investors access to education in more ways than any other company. Augusta clients can access an almost endless library of articles full of helpful investment information.

At Augusta Precious Metal, you can connect with a specialist one-on-one to review your investment or portfolio and ensure you make the right decisions for your future financial goals.

The hands-on approach of Augusta provides peace of mind to those who are unsure of the market and lack the formal financial education to comprehend it all.

Who Should Invest With Augusta Precious Metals?

what makes augusta unique are merit and related precious metals ira account culver cityWhen it comes to a precious metals IRA the reality is that anyone can benefit from this product. If you have an income and want to begin saving for retirement, considering a precious metals IRA is a smart move.

Gold, which sat at $255 per ounce in 1999, is currently priced at around $1,700 per ounce and shows no signs of slowing down. Thus, investing in this metal is an excellent idea at this time since there has been significant market growth.  

A gold IRA is often used as a hedge against INFLATION because, despite financial fluctuations, gold often remains stable and in demand. With constantly evolving technology, precious metals are needed more now than ever before.

Hence, considering a switch to a gold IRA can diversify your portfolio and provide a pretty beneficial boost in savings. 

It is always recommended that you seek financial advice before making any changes to your retirement plan, and you will want to ensure you are confident with your choices.


Who Should NOT Invest Through Augusta Precious Metals?

While it all appears shining and exciting, a precious metals IRA through Augusta will not be the right choice for everyone.

Augusta Precious Metal has a $50,000 minimum, so you can not switch with less than this amount. Due to this high minimum, those new to the workforce or lacking substantial retirement savings may not qualify.

Other companies allow for lower-end IRAs, which may be more beneficial if you cannot meet Augusta’s minimum. Researching, asking questions, and seeking financial advice can help you decide if Augusta is the right company for your investment.

What Makes Augusta Precious Metals Unique?

There are many gold IRA options out there. You have probably encountered a few if you are in the market for an IRA investment firm.

What sets Augusta Precious Metal apart? What makes this company special?

  • Lifetime Customer Support

For me, one of the most significant selling factors of Augusta is its commitment to customer service. Not only are you immediately paired with a personal representative, but Augusta also offers free customer support for the lifetime of your account.

  • Education

Another prime feature of Augusta Precious Metal is its focus on education. Augusta aims to educate investors, allowing them to make the most informed decisions possible. The extensive education options available through Augusta Gold Investment Company can help to secure your portfolio and increase your chances of success.

  • Specialized Departments

Augusta does customer service well. The company is divided into specialized departments that can assist you through every step. From the initial account setup and paperwork to sales, changes, paperwork, and investment expansion, the knowledgeable staff at Augusta Gold Investment Company is always there to help.

  • Ongoing Support and Assistance

Augusta Precious Metal Promises that you will never feel alone in your decisions. Despite the IRA being self-directed, Augusta Gold Company will always be there to answer any questions that you may have. Not only are you assigned a personal expert, but many other team members in various departments are always available to assist you.  

  • Competitive Pricing

The cost of gold can be daunting, and many companies inflate expenses when purchasing precious metals for your IRA. On the other hand, Augusta Gold IRA Company has the most competitive prices on the market, increasing to only 5% above cost. Customer reviews rave about the affordable prices at Augusta Precious Metal.

Augusta’s Customer Feedback And BBB Rating

Augusta Precious Metal is rated as the #1 trusted gold company in the United States by many sites and services. Augusta holds perfect ratings with the BBB and BAC and has never had a complaint filed against them since its inception,

A quick Google search yields numerous results showing positive customer feedback and exceptional ratings.

Augusta Gold & Silver IRA Company is loved by its customers and the sites that recommend it. Don’t believe me? Here are some reviews I found online with a basic browser search.

Genuine Customer Reviews of Augusta Precious Metals

The client review below comes from an actual client and can be seen on the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) website: 

This was a seamless experience for me. The professionals at Augusta Precious Metal took the fear out of the transfer and made me feel at ease. Highly recommend!Mark Y

Here is a review found on the TrustLink website:

Knowledgeable, professional, and pressure-free! Very helpful and answered all my questions.Nancy D.

Finally, this customer review comes from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website:

My experience with Augusta has been excellent!! I was kept up-to-date on each activity throughout the setup, funding, and transfer process. The representatives assisting with my transactions were very knowledgeable, available, and helpful. Great customer service!!!Murray S,

These are merely a few of the many positive reviews for Augusta Precious Metal. What impressed me was that the company responded to each review shared here, thanking the customers personally for their support. This level of customer service is unseen today, creating a deeply personal connection unmatched by any other company.

More About The Lifetime Customer Support At Augusta Precious Metals.

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For many clients, the most significant selling feature of Augusta Precious Metal is the lifetime support they offer each investor.

Augusta aims to create a long-term connection with its clients and support them throughout their experience. The professional, personal service offered by the company is beyond that of any I have found elsewhere.

Along with connecting you to a personal team expert, Augusta also provides access to other experts and has many bonus features, including:

  • Economic Analytics Agents

The team of economic analytics agents at Augusta Gold Company watches the market and keeps you informed of the current climate via phone or web chat. This impressive team can help identify threats to your savings or explain the confusing financial landscape, so you better understand your options. Augusta always has the customer’s best interest in mind and works to help you succeed. 

  • IRA Processing Specialists

Unlike many competitors, Augusta Precious Metal is on hand to help you complete all the paperwork that comes with owning a precious metals IRA. Augusta Gold IRA Company will assist you in changes, sales, and new acquisitions and even talk to your custodian. The hands-on approach of this company makes investing easy.

  • Order Desk Assistants

The professionals at the Augusta order desk will help you acquire new assets should you wish to buy more gold or silver in the future. These agents also handle buybacks and can assist you in rebalancing your portfolio if required. 

  • Education Team

At Augusta Precious Metal, education is at the forefront of every aspect of the business. The company aims to educate investors as much as possible, allowing them to make informed decisions about their finances. With Augusta Precious Metal, knowledge truly is power, and the education team has a vast library of information that clients can access anytime.

Where will Augusta Precious Metals Store My Gold?

Like any precious metals IRA, the metals you purchase for retirement must be stored in a secure, licensed facility and overseen by a custodian.

Augusta Precious Metal works with high-security storage facilities that are IRS-approved and fully insured.

The company can recommend facilities across the country, assist in transport, and provide peace of mind. 

One appreciated feature is the ability to make an appointment with the storage facility housing your metals and visit them if you wish. This physical connection provides greater peace of mind and helps to ensure security. 

Augusta Gold & Silver Investment Company has a list of several approved facilities to choose from in various locations across the United States, including:

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • Nampa, ID
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Shiner, TX
  • Dallas, TX
  • South Fargo, ND
  • Wilmington, DE
  • Bridgewater, MA
  • New Castle, DE

…And More.

Augusta Precious Metals Refund Policy

According to their website, first-time customers are given an extended cancellation period on premium gold and silver coin transactions.

However, it is important to point out that this ‘extended period’ is only seven days after the transaction is completed and confirmed. 

All other sales are final, and the completion of a sale includes a recorded confirmation call. It is stated in the Augusta FAQ section that if state regulations require a longer cancellation period, the company will honor this.

Is Augusta Precious Metals Legit, Safe, and Secure?


better business ratings account sign in 2021 BBB rating customer reviews canada jacket

Augusta Precious Metal is a legitimate, registered company that works with government laws to ensure adherence.

If you are seeking reassurance, Augusta Precious Metal:

  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • 5-Star rating from TrustLink
  • 9 rating on Google My Business
  • AAA rating from the BAC
  • 8 on Facebook
  • Member of
  • Named the ‘Most Trusted Gold Company’ by IRA Gold Advisor
  • Awarded by TrustLink six years in a row
  • An extensive collection of positive customer reviews across the web

What Tools Are Available For Augusta Precious Metal Investors?

Augusta provides investors with many tools to help them make informed financial decisions.

The economic department at Augusta is constantly monitoring the market for changes and fluctuations. Regular video conferences keep investors updated and connected, providing them with the vital information they need. 

As always, the company’s open-door policy means you will never feel alone and will not be left in the dark about any aspect of your account or investment.

Augusta Gold and Silver Retirement Company is an approachable company. Along with their regular conferences, which allow you to ask questions and get answers live, they also have an extensive collection of articles and information about the market.

The lifetime customer support, transparency, and loyalty of Augusta Precious Metal make this a company to consider.

On top of ALL the above, Augusta Gold IRA Company offers the following FREE Precious Metals Kits, Guides, and Consumer Resources outlined below…

+ FREE Gold IRA Guide

+ FREE Silver IRA Kit

+ FREE Buyer Beware Guide – Beware Of Gold IRA Dealer Lies

+ Join Augusta’s FREE Gold And Silver Web Conference

+ Is The Recession Hurting Your IRA/401 (K)?

+ Is Inflation Eating Your IRA/401 (K)?

+ FREE Inflation Fighter Kit

+ Get ZERO Gold IRA Fees For Up to 10 Years

+ FREE Gold IRA Company Checklist

+ Inflation Retirement Calculator 

+ Augusta Gold And Silver Investment Company Homepage 


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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)


Augusta Precious Metals vs. Competitors

Augusta Precious Metal is often regarded as the best gold and silver IRA company on the market, but how does it fair against the competition?


Annual fee: $175 – 225

Minimum Investment: $25,000

Perks or Promotions: 5% back on metals over $50k

Request your FREE Goldco IRA Kit Today


Noble Gold

Annual fee: $225

Minimum Investment: $2,000

Perks or Promotions:

Excellent Buyback program


Birch Gold Group

Annual fee:$180

Minimum Investment: $10,000

Perks or Promotions:

No fees for the first year

Request your FREE Birch Gold IRA Kit Today


While competitors often boast lower minimum investments, they offer less service than Augusta Precious Metal. Although the initial investment may be daunting, the perks that come with an investment are often worth it. 

At Augusta Precious Metal, various promotions can be beneficial. For example, in the Augusta Silver Club ($150,000 to $500,000), investors receive reimbursement of their application fee, IRA fees are reimbursed for 3 years, and 3 transfer fees are refunded.

There are always ongoing promotions, and you can contact an agent to ask about their latest promotions pressure-free. 

Depending on your situation, there are many companies for investing in physical gold and silver. Do thorough research to ensure you are aware of any added fees you may incur. Remember, not all companies share the same commitment to transparency as Augusta Precious Metal.

Below is an infographic representation of how Augusta’s features compare with its competitors

gold and silver retirement gold ira review stock price augusta gold ira llc buyers rating

Where Is Augusta Precious Metals Located

The location and contact information for Augusta Precious Metal is listed on their website.

Primary Address: Augusta Precious Metals, 5830 East 2nd Street, Casper, WY, US 82609

New Customers: 800-700-1008

Current Customers: 855-909-0082

Business hours are 6 a.m. to 5 p.m.


What type of metals can I keep in my Precious Metals IRA?

Precious metals IRAs allow you to hold gold, silver, platinum, or palladium. At Augusta Precious Metal, however, you can currently only keep gold and silver within your IRA account. This limitation allows the company to specialize and ensure you get the best quality product at the best price.

Can I See My Gold And Silver In Person?

Yes. Since your gold and silver will be held at your chosen facility, you can make an appointment and visit your product in person. Reach out to your storage facility for more information.

What are the risks associated with a precious metals purchase?

With any investment, risks are always involved. Precious metals are no exception. 

The most significant risk factor in a precious metals investment is pricing, with many people overpaying for products only to lose money on resale.

Thankfully, companies like Augusta Precious Metal minimize this risk by helping you find top-quality metals at the best prices.

Other risks and cons of a precious metals investment to consider…


  • Price fluctuations

While gold has been relatively stable, there is always the risk of a price drop. It has happened before, and it could happen again, which is something to keep in mind,

  • No income or dividends

Precious metals do not provide dividends. Therefore, this type of investment will not provide you with an income.

  • BuyBack Guarantee

No company can truly guarantee to buy back the precious metals you purchase through their service. Doing so is illegal and also unrealistic. Imagine the price of gold increases drastically, and everyone decides to sell. Do you think a company would have the cash to buy back all the gold they sold to their customers? Probably not.

  • IRS Risks

The risk of IRS seizure or added taxes is always a factor. Precious metals are subject to capital gains and will be taxed or seized if these fees are not paid. Strict rules leading to product seizure can occur on a personal level or at a storage facility, leaving you in a challenging position.

Augusta Precious Metals Alternatives.

Despite its impressive reputation, extensive customer reviews, and endless recommendations, Augusta Precious Metal will not be the best choice for everyone.

The significant minimum investment required at Augusta Precious Metal is a considerable barrier that some cannot overcome. For this reason, here are a few alternatives to Augusta Precious Metal that you may want to consider. 

Goldco Direct Llc

With a lower minimum investment of $25,000, many promotions that waive fees, comparable customer service ratings, and some ongoing support, Goldco is another excellent company to research. Request your FREE Goldco IRA Kit Here

Noble Gold

Noble is a newer company in the market. However, it is an excellent option for those lacking the initial investment funds needed for Augusta or other companies. With a $2,000 minimum, this company appeals to the average joe.

Birch Gold Group

If a minimum $10,000 investment is attainable, Birch Gold Group is a company worth considering. Excellent ratings, easy account setup, waived fees, a buyback program, and an exceptional, experienced team make this company worth some research. Request your FREE Birch Gold IRA Kit Here


Final Thoughts On This Augusta Precious Metals Review.


gold coins ira's investments home delivery ira 501c prices in ira gold bullion ratings

Augusta Precious Metal is an impressive company with extensive experience in the field. Their lifetime support program, continuous education, and hands-on approach make this company a solid contender in the market.

The initial investment at Augusta is steep, locking out many people. However, if you can afford the initial $50,000, it is worth the cost as there is no other company with comparable perks.

As always, you must do research when considering any IRA changes. We always recommend seeking professional financial advice before making any decisions about your finances and future.

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Augusta Precious Metals Review


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