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7 Reasons Why Goldco Precious Metals Is
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What is Goldco Precious Metals Company

Goldco is a private firm that specializes in asset and wealth protection. It is one of the most dominant companies in the precious metals industry. We have been in the industry for more than a decade and are dedicated to helping our customers’ retirement savings.

The company was founded back in 2006. Initially, it was known as Gerson Financial Group LLC. The company’s main focus was business-to-business precious metals sales. Trevor Gerszt bought the company in 2011 and changed the name to Goldco Precious Metals and the Heritage Gold Group.

Goldco underwent several changes during this period, including a shift in its operational model. It went from business to business to business to consumer precious metals self. By 2014, the company’s primary involvement was precious metals IRAs and IRA rollovers.

Goldco Services

Goldco’s main products are Precious Metals IRAs, divided into both Gold IRAs and Silver IRAs.  We offer both silver and gold purchases to our customers. Our dedicated team of specialists can help you through any of our processes. It is more beneficial if you diversify your savings account into precious metals. We also come in handy if you are trying to roll over your retirement assets into the metals. 

It is vital to take into consideration that Goldco LLC simply acts as a broker for the buying and selling of IRS-approved precious metals and is not the actual physical custodian of your IRA account, but we do affirm that we’ll facilitate and assist you in completing the Individual Retirement Account (IRA) application paperwork with a reputable and secure custodian company we trust.

Goldco Direct LLc assists and advises its clients in buying IRS-approved coins and bullion to be included in our Precious Metals IRAs and harmonize these purchases with the client’s custodian and storage facility.

We also offer assistance with rolling over your existing Individual Retirement Accounts into a Precious Metals IRA.

Here’s a complete list of Goldco’s offered services:

      • Gold IRA – Goldco direct assists you in opening a Gold IRA, including advising you which are the best precious metals that you can invest in. Check out the video below on how to open a GOLD IRA account with Goldco…

    best gold investment companies benefits of gold ira what is a gold ira rollover guide

        • Silver IRA – If you’re uncertain of how to go about opening a Silver IRA, Goldco Llc promptly provides tips and options on how to get started, which types of silver coins are accepted and much much more. Check out the video below on how to open a Silver IRA with Goldco Direct…

    GPM Trevor Gerszt Coin IRA RedTea Retirement Secrets 401K Rollover Custodian Guide Conversion

        • 401(k) Rollover – Goldco provides assistance in rolling over your traditional or other type of Individual Retirement Account (IRA) into any Precious Metals IRA. Watch the video below of the top 5 reasons to rollover your IRA to Gold

    Goldco Precious Metals Review gold investment companies in USA Retirement Secrets 401k guide

        • Traditional and Roth IRA Planning – Goldco Direct provides vast resources and an immense knowledge base that compares “a Roth and a Traditional IRA” and also assists customers in getting them rolled over into any Precious Metals IRA.
        • SEP IRA Planning – If you require any explanations or clarifications on SEP IRAs, Goldco readily provides details like information on contribution limits and eligibility requirements.
        • Simple IRA Planning – Goldco advises its clients on how to open a Simple Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and how the laws and rules work when it comes to gold and silver Simple IRA.


    7 Reasons Why Goldco Precious Metals Is One Of
    The Best Gold And Silver IRA Companies

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    1. Good Reputation

    The main thing you consider when it comes to any investment is trustworthiness. This is especially the case if you deal with precious metals such as gold and silver. It takes more precedence if it concerns the wealth you have earmarked for your retirement. Some numerous companies and firms deal with silver and gold IRAs. Many of them are beneficial to the customer in one way or the other. However, you can’t just accept them at face value. We stand out from the rest of the competition due to our reputation, which the customer reviews can judge.

    Most reviews express customer satisfaction. Many of them also recommend us to some of the prospective investors. It is pretty beneficial to the firm as we can increase our reach in the industry.

    2. Simplicity

    Many people refrain from investing in gold and silver due to the cumbersome procedures involved. The steps can, at times, be challenging, and the network of various laws involved does not help. We are essential in the process to ensure that there are no sanctions or penalties against the IRA account.

    Our dedicated team will always ensure that the process is handled with ease and is as straightforward as possible. Our team takes care of all the paperwork and formalities and, at the same time, keeps you briefed with the information.

    This gives you the peace of mind needed and the confidence to be able and invest in your gold. You can easily invest your money without juggling unnecessary hoops with the metals. We have a decade of experience, and our team has done its research thoroughly to make the whole process as streamlined as possible.

    3. Free Gold IRA Guide & Resources That Are Helpful
    best gold investment companies benefits of gold ira what is a gold ira rollover guide



    At Goldco, we have a dedicated team that is always at your service before making any commitments. We offer a free guide on 401k accounts and IRAs. The guides are more detailed than many of the paid literature available.

    Our website has a clean interface that makes it easier to navigate. It is also intuitive, and you can easily find what you are looking for. The information available is beneficial and makes the journey more unencumbered.

    We prioritize quality over quantity. All the content we provide comes for free and is full of tips that simplify the customer’s complicated world of precious metals. We also give you a roadmap that helps you approach your retirement fund’s diversification and fortification.

    4. Great Expertise with Rollovers

    Many people open retirement accounts at a young age. , In the long run, a good number wish to roll over their accounts into self-directed silver or gold IRA. It saves you from a lot of market fluctuations and market volatility.

    The process, like many others, is very complicated. We have many pitfalls and are dependable with prior knowledge. Goldco has an advantage since we have interacted with thousands of satisfied customers. The experience is indispensable and comes in handy for people looking to secure their retirement funds.

    One of the strengths of our company is our approach. We inform you of all the whereabouts of the precious metals IRA. You can then make the best decision and how we should carry on. Our experts are at your service to nullify anything in case of any roadblock.

    We take care of all the paperwork and get everything done with minimal effort. We have taken pride in our strong relationships with our customers over the years. You can only achieve this by providing exceptional service.

    5. Proper Know-How Regarding Gold Investments

    At Goldco, we believe knowing the ins and outs of the industry is paramount to our success. We present information to our customers in a way that is easier to digest and comprehend. Our intuitive website and the free resources give you a great understanding of gold-backed IRAs and silver IRAs.

    vanguard gold ira gold ira tax rules gold investment companies in USA home storage gold iraThe platform provides a condensed and well-detailed explanation of all the facets of investing in precious metals. We also give you critical information before starting your journey investing in precious metals. We want to make sure that the customers get a vivid understanding of what they are investing in.

    This is essential as it is pretty apprehensive about modifying your retirement funds. However, this does not mean that you should miss out on all the benefits associated with precious metals.

    Our approach and expertise ensure that you are never in doubt, especially since it concerts steps to secure your future.

    6. Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority

    Over the years, we have always prioritized customer satisfaction. This is evident with the customer reviews. Most of the companies are a bit lacking in being patient and empathetic towards their customers. This is a necessity when it comes to this line of business.

    We will always make sure you are attended to, and any question that you might have had is responded to. Our team is motivated to be understanding to every customer we have. The level of customer-centricity has been evident over the last decade with the vast reviews we have been having of the company.

    Another admirable quality is the lack of being complacent with time. Our standards are always at the top, and we always seek to find new ways to make gold IRAs accessible to even more people. The world of finance might be cutthroat, but we firmly believe in the customer-first approach.

    7. Constantly Updated on Changes and Improvements

    Over the last decade, there have been significant changes. This is in terms of the technology and the governments. Our working also changes with time to adapt to the new environment. It is also up to us to keep all our customers posted on our changes.

    This keeps them informed of the precious metals market, and they can make much more informed decisions in the future.

    Goldco Precious Metals Complaints

    As much as Goldco is a phenomenal company, we have had a few complaints here and there over the few years. Many of them are the growing pains that exist in the industry. As we grow as a company and our customer base, we have experienced minor difficulties which we always look to address.

    To be precise, there have been only eight complaints about goldco precious metals filed and resolved over the past three years. They mainly stemmed from misunderstanding the firm’s offers, buyback delays, pricing issues, and too many phone calls. 

    So in general, the bulk of the rare negative goldco direct complaints and reviews usually revolve around the general misunderstanding of the inner workings and nature of the precious metals market and how their values are analyzed.

    For example, the most common goldco complaint filed relates to the collectible coin value.

    Whenever collectible coins are bought, their value that is listed in the IRA market is what is termed as their melt value, that is, how much the melted precious metals would be truly worth.

    This created some type of misunderstanding in most cases until Goldco Direct LLC expertly clarified to its valued customers that the coin value is completely separate and does not reflect in any way the currently existing market value of the coin as solid gold, silver, or another precious metal coin.

    And as a result, most of these negative Goldco Direct reviews were later revised to positive reviews and higher ratings once the customer finally understood the Goldco precious metals paperwork better.

    Goldco Precious Metals Review Best Gold IRA Company Review Best Gold IRA Review

    Goldco Fees

    Like most of the precious metals IRA, the minimum purchase of a set is at $25,000.

    But at this recommended minimum investment of $25,000, Goldco Direct LLC will refund the storage fees for one year in the form of like-value amount silver shipped directly to the owner of the account.

    It is however important to note that this silver is not part of the account holder’s IRA and the holder of the account is supposed to pay the storage company fees up front.

    And for each and every extra $25,000 that’s invested, Goldco will ship silver worth another year’s cost of storage fees to the account holder.

    Investing $25,000 – $99,999 in Goldco costs $175.00 Yearly. If you invest $100,000 in precious metals, it will cost you $225.00 Yearly.

    Is Goldco Precious Metals IRAs A Safe Investment

    Many customers are satisfied and assured that investing with Goldco is the right way to go. If you are looking to avert the high level of taxation and the unpredictable market volatility, Goldco is definitely the best gold and silver IRA Company for you. This saves you a lot of money which would end up paying taxes.

    It is always advisable to educate yourself to understand the investments better. We have an investing kit that is free of charge on the website. Our exceptional customer service will always be ready to help if you encounter any roadblock.

    If you’ve decided to give Goldco a shot, we have a free investing kit that is easy to understand and can bring you up to speed on the world of precious metals IRAs. Our customer service is excellent and quick to respond, so you can always approach them with any questions you may have.


    At Goldco, we believe in a customer-first approach, which makes us among the top gold IRA companies. Even if you are not entirely interested in securing your future, be sure to check out our website and request the free gold IRA investors kit

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Best Gold IRA Company Review


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